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Braun Shaver Comparison

Breakdown of Braun Shaver Series

When most people think of an electric shaver, one of the first products that come to mind is a Braun shaver. While Braun started with just one model in 1950, today they have multiple series, models, and accessories that can...

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Best Electric Shaver

Best Electric Shavers

Whether this is your first electric shaver or an upgrade, we have rounded up our favorite electric shavers to help you make an informed decision.

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Best Rotary Shavers

Best Rotary Shavers

If you spend any time looking at electric shavers you will quickly notice that there are two competing shaving technologies. Rotary shavers, mostly made by Philips Norelco, offer a number of advantages over their foil shaver competitors. They contour better...

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History of the Electric Shaver

Electric shavers today come with manuals that can rival a short novel to describe all of the features and technology that are packed into the small devices. But just over 80 years ago the electric shaver was invented to be...

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