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If you are tired of the ridiculous prices, razor bumps, and irritated skin that comes with shaving with a disposable or cartridge razor it may be time to try an electric shaver. Check out our list below and follow our electric shaving tips to ensure you are getting the best shave and never have to buy overpriced blades again.


Our rankings are based the performance, features, and value that each shaver provides. We have added details for why each shaver is ranked where it falls and encourage you to read the full reviews available for many of these shavers on our website. Electric shavers are not a one size fits all appliance, to get the best results you should choose the shaver that best fits your shaving style.

We do not hide the price of the shavers forcing you to click a link to see the “best price”, we display the best price we have found front and center.

Rotary or Foil Shaver

We have already written at length about the difference between the two shaver styles, but here is a quick recap to help you decide between the two styles. Braun and Panasonic both produce foil shavers while Philips specializes in rotary shaving technology.

Foil shavers typically provide the closest and fastest shave. They are best for users who will be shaving every day who are looking for a shave closest to a shave with a manual razor.

In general rotary shavers are better at shaving longer and thicker hair than their foil competitors. If you shave every couple days or have a coarse beard, you may benefit from using a rotary shaver. Typically they are slightly quieter and slower than foil shavers.


An electric shaver is truly an investment that will benefit your wallet for years. Unlike manual razors which you may use for a month at most, electric shavers are designed to last five years or more with cleaning and maintenance. Braun, Panasonic, and Philips all offer 2-year warranties, and some shavers come with a money back guarantee allowing you to return the shaver if you are not happy with the electric shaving experience.

Our Picks for Best Electric Shavers:

[wpsm_numhead num=”1″ style=”3″ heading=”2″]Braun Series 7 790cc-4 [/wpsm_numhead]

Braun Series 7 790cc-4 Electric Foil Shaver

20 new from $174.50
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as of January 25, 2020 2:41 AM


  • Intelligent Sonic technology automatically increases power in difficult areas and on denser hair
  • ActiveLift trimmer captures flat-lying hairs in problem areas
  • OptiFoil cuts hair as short as 0.05mm for perfect closeness
  • Synergized foil and blades give you a perfect shave
  • 100% waterproof shaver for easy cleaning

Our top pick for foil shavers also claims the crown for the best electric shaver as well. The Series 7 is one of the top selling models of electric shavers for a number reasons. Strong performance, excellent reliability, and a drop in price combine to make this shaver the no-brainer choice for most people. Four models comprise the Braun 7 Series, but we have chosen the 790cc-4 as our top pick due to the extra features you get with only a small increase (~$10) in price. If you are looking to save a few dollars, also look at the Braun 7 Series 760cc-6 which may be available for slightly less $. 

The 790cc-4 adds a quick clean option, which allows you to perform a cleaning cycle in 20-30 seconds compared to 30-60 minutes on a normal cleaning cycle. This feature is useful if you forgot to clean the shaver after your last shave and don’t want to wait 30 minutes or more to get the best shave.  Also included is a better LCD screen which displays battery and cleaning cycle information letting you know exactly how much battery life is available and if your shaver needs to be cleaned before its next use.

The Series 7 shavers were the first to incorporate Intelligent Sonic Technology, which vibrates the shaver head at up to 10,000 vibrations per minute, capturing hairs of different lengths and density much better than other foil shavers. The shaver also includes the ability to shave at three varying speeds, providing a more comfortable shave on the neck and a faster shave on the face. The included clean and charge station, while not necessarily a must have feature, ensures your shaver is sanitized and completely charged before each shave.

[wpsm_titlebox title=”Guru Verdict” style=”2″]
Exceptional performance, an attractive price, and excellent durability all combine to make the Braun Series 7 the best choice for most users.

Click here to read our full review on the Braun Series 7

Highlights of the Braun Series 7 790cc-4 :

  • Intelligent Sonic Technology
  • Pivoting Shaving Head
  • Cleaning base ensures shaver is always clean, lubricated, and charged
  • Trimmer to clean up sideburns or mustache
  • Travel case included

[wpsm_numhead num=”2″ style=”3″ heading=”2″]Braun Series 9 9090cc[/wpsm_numhead]

Braun Series 9 9090cc Electric Shaver with Cleaning Center

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as of January 25, 2020 2:41 AM


  • Worlds No 1 Foil Shaver Brand
  • Official Electric Shaver of the NFL
  • Braun's most efficient and comfortable shaver for skin Proven on 3 day beards
  • Intelligent SyncroSonic technology: The synergy of 4 specialized cutting elements and intelligent Sonic Technology with 40,000 cross-cutting actions per minute, designed to capture different types of hair
  • Quadruple action cutting system for maximum facial adaptability

Our second place choice is Braun’s top of the line 9 Series. Just like the Series 7, all of the shavers in the Series 9 provide an excellent shave, possibly even slightly better than the Series 7. The only downside we found with the Series 9 was the high price it is currently sold for. Considering these shavers were just released in late 2015 we expect their price to drop over time. However, if you are looking for the best shave and the newest features available from Braun, the Series 9 is perfect for you.

Just like the Series 7, the Braun Series 9 is made up of four models all sharing the same technology and very similar features. We believe the Braun Series 9 9090cc is the best choice for most users, the price difference between models are usually small ($5-$10), and spending the extra money to get all of the features for a shaver that can last over five years makes sense. If you are looking to use your shaver in the shower or with shaving cream you should consider the Braun Series 9 9095cc, which is designed for both wet and dry shaving.

All Series 9 shavers include Braun’s new Intelligent SyncroSonic Technology to allow the blades to oscillate up to 40,000 times per second, an increase from the 10,000 times per second the Series 7 tops out at. More than just an

Braun Pivoting Head and Cutting Elements

Braun Pivoting Head

increase to speed, this upgrade allows the Series 9 to be more capable of cutting through longer hair, making it easier and less painful to shave that 5 o’clock shadow. If you tend to shave every few days instead of every day, you may find this shaver to be more useful for your routine.

Also helping the 9 Series performance is the fully pivoting head and pivoting shaving elements. In addition to the shaver head moving around the contours of your face, the individual cutting elements can move independently as well. This extra movement is helpful when shaving around the chin and neck to reduce the number of passes required to remove all hair.

[wpsm_titlebox title=”Guru Verdict” style=”2″]
Braun took the outstanding Series 7 and made it even better. If you are looking for the absolute best shave from an electric shaver, give the Braun Series 9 a try. [/wpsm_titlebox]

Click here to read our full review on the Braun Series 9

Highlights of the Braun Series 9 9090cc:

  • Intelligent SyncroSonic Technology 
  • Pivoting Head and Cutting Elements
  • Cleaning base ensures shaver is always clean, lubricated, and charged
  • Trimmer to clean up sideburns or mustache
  • Travel case included

[wpsm_numhead num=”3″ style=”3″ heading=”2″]Philips Norelco 9300[/wpsm_numhead]

Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 9300

6 new from $219.94
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as of January 25, 2020 2:41 AM


  • Each shaving head moves in 8 directions to cut up to 20% more hair.
  • The wet or dry electric shave system cuts hairs up to 30% closer. The blades shave closer and more comfortably.
  • Choose the speed setting that best fits your skin and hair type: Slow (for an even more skin-friendly shave), Medium (for a thorough shave), and Fast (for a high-powered shave).
  • The SmartClean System allows for easy maintenance: cleans, lubricates, dries, and charges your shaver.
  • With AquaTec technology enjoy a comfortable dry shave or a refreshing wet shave.

Our number 3 pick is our first rotary shaver,  the Philips Norelco 9300. If you prefer to shave every few days instead of every day you may find this shaver to be an attractive choice over our first two, foil shaver, choices. The Norelco 9300 comes from Phillips top of the line Norelco 9000 series, our top pick for rotary shavers. We chose the Norelco 9300 over the Norelco 9700 due to the better value while maintaining the same shaving performance.

If you are looking for the top of the line rotary shaver including an upgraded LCD display and cleaning station that shows the status of the cleaning cycle, take a look at the Philips Norelco 9700. Otherwise, if your focus is an excellent shave and an excellent value, the Philips Norelco 9300 will meet your expectations.

The Philips Norelco 9000 series separates itself from the rest of the competition with its superior shaving ability, receiving high marks for the closeness of shave and overall shave quality. The 72 blades and range of motion of the three heads can contour to most facial features and do an excellent job at leaving few stray hairs. No other rotary shavers can meet the performance that the 9000 series provides.

[wpsm_titlebox title=”Guru Verdict” style=”2″]
Prefer a rotary shaver or like to shave every couple days? The Philips Norelco 9300 is a great choice for those looking for a close shave on Monday after not shaving on the weekend.  [/wpsm_titlebox]

Click here to read our full review on the Philips Norelco Series 9000

Highlights of the Philips Norelco 9300:

  • V-Track Precision Blade System uses V-shaped instead of  flat blades to provide a closer cut
  • Wet or Dry Shave, giving the freedom of using the shaver dry or shaving with gel or foam
  • Contour Detect Technology allows the three heads to move in 8 different directions better contouring to facial features
  • Included cleaning base ensures shaver is always clean, lubricated, and charged
  • Travel case included

[wpsm_numhead num=”4″ style=”3″ heading=”2″]Panasonic Arc4[/wpsm_numhead]

Panasonic Arc4 Electric Razor

16 new from $150.89
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as of January 25, 2020 2:41 AM


  • Panasonic's award-winning 4-blade, dual-motor shaving system with precision-honed 30° angle Nanotech blades for maximum durability and sharpness
  • A fast, powerful Hyper Performance Dual Motor consists of a linear drive that delivers 14,000 cuts her minute - that's 56,000 cross-cutting actions per minute across 4 blades - while a second motor vibrates the shaver head up and down to help lift hair for a clean, smooth, efficient shave
  • Multi-Flex(TM) pivoting head enables the electric shaver to glide smoothly along the individual contours of the face, chin, neck and jaw and Multi-fit ARC foils gently conform to facial contours for enhanced shaving comfort
  • Premium Automatic Cleaning & Charging Station cleans, dries and charges the shaver with the touch of a button, keeping it fresh and ready for your next shave, and sonic vibration cleansing mode makes it quick and easy to clean the shaver under running water
  • Includes a Pop-Up Trimmer to quickly detail sideburns and mustaches, wet/dry operation for convenient shaving in or out of the shower and a 10-stage LCD to check shaver status at a glance

Panasonic has been competing with Braun for years, and their Arc4 is a solid performer that matches great performance with a very attractive price point. The Arc4 is below Panasonic’s Arc5 in their product line, but the performance between the two is so close that we recommend the Arc4 for most users. If you are looking for the fastest shave and all the features Panasonic has to offer, check out the Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV61-A instead.

Compared to the Braun shavers, Panasonic clearly places more emphasis on the functional design of their shavers over the aesthetics. The Panasonic shavers, including the Arc4, use a much larger head giving a greater range of motion that some users may prefer. While the larger heads may provide a better shave, some users may find the larger size of the Panasonic shavers difficult to use when shaving the mustache and sideburns.

The Arc4 uses four cutting blades to capture hairs of different lengths, which work well when stubble is kept to a minimum and shaving is done every day. We found that the Arc4 left some room for improvement when shaving stubble or growth of more than two days. As mentioned above, if you typically go a few days without shaving, consider a rotary shaver over a foil shaver for the most comfortable shave.

[wpsm_titlebox title=”Guru Verdict” style=”2″]
Panasonic’s Arc5 and Arc4 are both worthy competitors to the Braun Series 9 and Series 7 respectively. Shaving performance is great and the shavers are not as oversized as the product photos show. [/wpsm_titlebox]

Highlights of the Arc4:

  • Wet or Dry Shave, giving the freedom of using the shaver dry or shaving with gel or foam
  • Cleaning base ensures shaver is always clean, lubricated, and charged
  • Trimmer to clean up sideburns or mustache
  • Travel pouch included

[wpsm_numhead num=”5″ style=”3″ heading=”2″]Braun Series 5 5090cc[/wpsm_numhead]

Braun Series 5 5090cc Electric Shaver

7 new from $124.47
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as of January 25, 2020 2:41 AM


  • World's #1 Foil Shaver Brand. *Based on global Braun value share in electric foil shaver market from May 2013 to April 2014. Source: Leading market research institute
  • Official Electric Shaver of the NFL
  • New & improved Braun Series 5 succeeds where others fail. Maximum performance and skin comfort. Even in problem areas.
  • 3X better adaptation. New FlexMotionTec delivers efficient shaving with less pressure, minimizing skin irritation.
  • 20% more motor power. New PowerDrive ensures high-speed cutting, even on dense beards.

Our final pick, the Braun Series 5, proved to be a challenging shaver to rank and review due to the similarities in features and price to the Series 7. Braun has not clearly defined why the price point for their lower end Series 5 falls so close to the Series 7, but perhaps that is by design. Performance wise we found the Series 7 provided a faster shave, but the Series 5 is not far behind and offers a some unique features that allow it to make our list of best shavers.

Like the Series 7, the Series 5 uses three cutting elements to provide a close shave, but does not include Braun’s sonic technology, offered on the Series 9 and Series 7. It may take slightly longer to shave and require a few more passes, but if you are patient, the shave outcome was comparable to what the Series 7 provides. Unique to the Series 5 is the ability to lock the position the shaver head is in, making it slightly easier to shave the neck area. The 5090cc also comes with a clean and charge station to the, only missing the drying feature that Series 9 and Series 7 clean and charge stands include.

[wpsm_titlebox title=”Guru Verdict” style=”2″]
The shaving performance of the Braun Series 5 can be close to the Series 7 with patience. However for the slight price difference we would recommend buying the Series 7 or Series 9 instead. [/wpsm_titlebox]

Highlights of the Braun Series 5 5090cc:

  • Wet or Dry Shave, giving the freedom of using the shaver dry or shaving with gel or foam
  • Cleaning base ensures shaver is always clean, lubricated, and charged
  • Trimmer to clean up sideburns or mustache
  • MotionTec, allowing you to set the shaver head position manually
  • Travel case included

Honorable Mention – Braun Series 3

Braun Series 3 3040 Wet and Dry Shaver

5 new from $59.97
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as of January 25, 2020 2:41 AM


  • Worlds #1 foil shaver brand
  • Official electric shaver of the NFL
  • Triple action cutting system, three independently floating elements adapt to facial contours, cutting both long and short hairs with every stroke
  • Micro comb technology, catches and feeds more hair into the cutting parts for outstanding performance on 3-day beards and minimizes shaving rash
  • Sensofoil for an efficient close shave, optimized foil cuts hair more easily, outstandingly smooth on skin

Consistently among one of the best-selling electric shavers, the Braun Series 3 is a great entry level shaver for those looking to spend less than $100. If you are looking to dip your toes into electric shaving, this basic shaver will be a good pick. This model does not include a clean and charge station, but it is fully washable which we recommend doing after each shave to ensure the best performance.

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